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online your dream garden 

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Have you been dreaming of a new garden for ages?

With our online drawing tool, you can design your new garden yourself in no time.
You don't need any design or gardening knowledge to do that.
Design in 2D, visualize in 3D and then virtually walk through the design... 

Online drawing tool garden design

With the Hobby account, you as a private individual can quickly, simply and completely create your own complete garden design in 2D and 3D. With our user-friendly tool you design a garden plan online from sketch to design, and from design to planting plan.

  • Clear explanation
  • Including starter course
  • Available in 2D and 3D
  • Easy to share and print

Clear explanations when designing your dream garden

What our users say

"The advantage of Tekenjetuin's drawing tool is that I was able to create my complete garden design within two to three hours."

Jan de Boer

"You notice that there are people working at Tekenjetuin who really have knowledge and passion for the green space industry. They always think along!"

Henri Jansma

"The simple things I quickly mastered. And the more and the longer I work with it, the easier it goes."

Rik Thomassen

Planting plan, 2D rendering and plot import

Get the most out of your garden design with the included course

Get the most out of our drawing tool with our included course which integrates seamlessly with the drawing tool. Some benefits that will help you get started right away:

  • Online, so viewable whenever and wherever you want
  • Free two-hour online workshop
  • Learn to set up your online garden design step by step
  • Create a reliable design to scale
  • Anyone can learn it!

Would you like to design your own dream garden?

Through our drawing tool, you'll get a tutorial that explains step by step how to get the most out of your design.

Some advantages of the online drawing tool:

  • Short videos with online explanations and subtitles
  • Supporting written manual
  • Accessible; anyone can learn to create a design
  • Help center always available online for questions
  • Starting course included

Watering Planner


Entrance 2D

€ 7,96
VAT inclusive
€ 9,95 per month

Suitable for the private garden owner

  • Incl. one-time 2 garden designs
  • 2D view
  • Print to scale

Entrance 3D

VAT inclusive
€ 19,95 per month

Everything from Entrance 2D

  • 3D display
  • Customizable colors and bandages
  • Online basic course


€ 23,96
VAT inclusive
€ 29,95 per month

Everything from Entrance 3D

  • All icons available
  • All-in courses
  • Moodboard

Draw your garden blog

Our green professionals will tell you everything you need to know about the design, construction and maintenance of your garden.
Get inspired and read the blogs full of interesting info, tips and facts.

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January garden calendar

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Garden calendar December

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Garden calendar November

Garden calendar November

Plan, design and build Now that it's dark outside early, light at night adds atmosphere. Have you thought about a fire pit or brazier for the garden? Very atmospheric! Is installing a porch a big dream? If you create a beautiful design now in our...